Aalok Sathe

I am a student at the University of Richmond, VA. I’m a computer science major and might end up also majoring in cognitive science or math. I also study linguistics. I’m interested in math, machines, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, football (soccer) and music (in no particular order), among other things. I’m a FOSS enthusiast. I have undergone training in Indian classical music as a vocalist, and have been learning Western voice at UR, where I also sing in the University mixed choir. I find organization within nature, and systems of all kinds, fascinating – the complex human brain, computers, human society, the universe, to name a few. For more, you can visit my webpage.

Mandar Juvekar

I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Rochester majoring in computer science and mathematics. My interests (as of June ‘19) lie in theoretical computer science, abstract algebra, mathematical logic, and formal semantics in artificial intelligence. I am currently working as a research assistant in a group focused on logical systems for natural language unerstanding, and am doing some independent mentored math research. I am also very interested in music, especially Western classical music, and have been training as a classical pianist for over 9 years. During the school semesters I’m taking piano lessons at the Eastman School of Music and am part of the University’s chamber ensemble program. Apart from this I’m also a fairly active member of the Terasology Foundation, an open-source game development organization. For more, you can visit my personal webpage.

Shardul Chiplunkar

I’m an MIT ‘22 undergrad from Pune, India, but also from the Bay Area, California. My academic interests are, broadly, studying ‘intelligent’ systems—human cognition, formal languages, AI; I’m interested in discrete mathematics, computational cognitive science, programming language theory, linguistic semantics and pragmatics, information theory. Apart from that, I enjoy Hindustani classical music, typesetting with LaTeX, teaching, thoughtful discussions, playing table tennis, science fiction, and spinning fire. You can check out my homepage for more.

Rujul Gandhi

I’m a sophomore at MIT majoring in linguistics and EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Biology is another of my academic interests. In non-academic interests, I am involved in classical dance, journalism, and the MIT Educational Studies Program, among other things. I also like to hike and write.